Does Apple Kid have a physical Store?

We have our display for physical deliveries at Shop # G32 Ground Floor I, T Tower Shopping Mall, 73-E-1 Hali Rd, Block E1 Gulberg III, Lahore.

Who is Apple’s authorized service provider in Pakistan?

Future Tech is authorized to offer service in Pakistan.

Does Apple offer a warranty on Accessories?

Yes, all accessories like chargers, Airpods etc, include an official warranty.

Does Apple Kid offer water tests on iPhones?

No, Apple clearly mentions that iPhones are not waterproof but water resistant to some extent. Apple don,t claim water-damaged iPhones.

Does Apple Kid deal in used products?

Our core business is about brand new products but we exchange new products with old ones previously sold to our old customers.

Is there any official Apple Store in Pakistan?

No official Apple Store has been set up in Pakistan. The nearest Apple Store is in UAE.

What is Mercantile in Pakistan?

Mercantile is an official distributor who sells official PTA-approved iPhones.

Why USA variant with both Esim of iPhone series is cheaper than the physical sim?

No sim tray exists in the Usa/LLa variants of the iPhone and above series.

What is a Jv sim or country-locked iPhone? and Why the Jv Sim mobile is cheap in Pakistan?

The devices have a network locked and restrictions on calling or using data called Jv locked mobile. Most users enjoy these products on WiFi for whats app and social media activity and photography.

How much is Jv/network-locked iPhone cheaper than a factory-unlocked iPhone?

Network-locked iPhone is cheaper up to Rs.100,000