Apple Products in Pakistan

Apple products are devices and services created by Apple Inc., an American multinational technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Some of the most popular iProducts have been disscussed below.


A smartphone that combines a phone, a camera, a music player, and a touch-screen computer in one device. The first iPhone was released in 2007 and since then, Apple has launched many models with different features and capabilities. The latest iPhone series is the iPhone 15, which was announced in September 2023.


The tablet computer that runs on iOS, the same operating system as the iPhone. The iPad can be used for browsing the web, watching videos, playing games, reading books, and more. The first iPad was released in 2010 and since then, Apple has introduced various models with different sizes and specifications. The latest iPad is the iPad Pro 15-inch, which was launched in June 20232.


A personal computer that runs on macOS, a Unix-based operating system. The Mac comes in different forms, such as desktops, laptops, and all-in-ones. The first Mac was released in 1984 and since then, Apple company has updated its hardware and software to keep up with the latest technology. The latest Macs are powered by Apple’s own silicon chips, such as the M2 Pro and the M2 Ultra, which offer faster performance and better battery life than the previous Intel-based Macs.


A portable media player that can store and play music, videos, podcasts, and more. The first iPod was released in 2001 and since then, the company has released several versions with different capacities and designs. The latest iPod is the iPod touch (8th generation), which was released in May 2022.

Apple Watch:

A smartwatch that can be paired with an iPhone or an iPad to receive notifications, track fitness activities, make payments, and more. The first iWatch was released in 2015 and since then, Apple has improved its features and functionality. The latest iWatch is the Watch Series 9 and the iWatch Ultra 2, which were announced in September 2023.

Apple TV:

A digital media player that can stream content from various online services, such as Netflix, YouTube, TV+, and more. The first Apple TV was released in 2007 and since then, Company has added new features and capabilities. The latest Apple TV is the Apple TV 4K (2nd generation), which was released in April 2022.

Vision Pro:

A headset that uses spatial computing to create immersive experiences for gaming, entertainment, education, and more. The Vision Pro is a brand-new product category that was revealed at WWDC in June 2023. It will be available early next year in the U.S and international markets. It is expected to announce in an Apple event soon.

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