Tips on how to Save Money when buying an iPhone in Pakistan

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A new iPhone is never cheap, but you can reduce costs using several tricks. Try these ways to learn tips on how to save money when you buy your next iPhone.

1-How to save 200,000 on iPhone purchase

A factory unlocks PTA-approved iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro max cost more than Rs.200,000 compared to Jv unlock iPhone. Pta charges for the new iPhone have been increased up to Rs.189,000 on the id card and Rs.165,000 on the Passport of a foreign traveler.

What is Jv SIM? and JV unlock iPhone..!

Tips on how to save money on purchasing of iPhone 13 Pro Max

JV sim is a hardware chip used to unlock locked iPhones. It is placed beneath the actual sim in your iPhone and then you can use a locked iPhone on any network. A locked iPhone with an installed Jv (Gevey) sim is called Jv (Gevey) unlocked iPhone.

Same Apple Id on old and new iPhone would be done a MAJIC

The advantage is simply that you can use a locked iPhone (which is cheaper up to Rs.200,000 than factory unlocked) on any local network. You can pair your old more affordable iPhone model like iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 to pair your new iPhone. The same apple id on both mobiles will do magic and you could use your non-PTA and locked iPhone like a Pta-approved device. So don’t throw or waste your old priceless iPhone device as it could be of great value to you.

How to use Jv Sim and how much it will COST in Pakistan?

  • The Latest Jv Sim price in Pakistan falls between Rs.1500 to Rs.2000
  • Insert the SIM Card + the adapter into the iPhone.
  • Follow the instructions to unlock your device.
  • You should complete the procedure quickly when all instructions are followed. Jv unlocked iPhone 13 Pro Max price in Pakistan starts from Rs.170,000 depending upon the dollar $ rate.
  • Please comment us on social media on whether these tips on how to save money for iPhone really work or not.
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2- Choose a smaller storage iPhone (Tips on how to save money in Pakistan)

Larger iPhones and those with more storage capacity are more expensive. The iPhone 13 Pro max falls in 128Gb/256Gb/512Gb and 1Tb. If you bought 1Tb storage it would cost you more expensive than the storage of 128 Gb.

3- Buy a system-active iPhone in Pakistan

An Apple system active device is a 100% brand new (never used) device. Apple activates it on the purchasing date which causes less backup Apple manufacturing warranty. It depends on activation. System active iPhones cost about Rs.5000 to 10,000 less than non-active devices.

4- Buy a pre-owned iPhone (Tips on how to save money in Pakistan)

Used or refurbished phones often have a stigma attached, but when purchased from a trustworthy seller, they’re actually reliable — and affordable — options.

“Used doesn’t necessarily mean the lesser quality of function. A well-cared-for phone with a previous owner will have a lot of life left,” says Hamayuo Rashid, CEO of AppleKid, a marketplace for used technology.

“A well-cared-for phone that has a previous

the owner will have a lot of life left.”

A one-week or two weeks used iPhone 13 could buy about Rs.25000 less than the new one.

5- Shop only kits without original box and accessories in Pakistan

You could buy box-less devices (Main unit kit only) for up to Rs.50000 less than the new box pack devices.

6- Buy an older model of iPhone in Pakistan

One of the best times to buy an iPhone is in September (or October, as is the case this year), when new models are typically announced and older ones are discounted. After the iPhone 13 series announcement in September 2022, Apple dropped the price of the previous generation iPhone 13 from $100 to $150.

If you can handle one with a few minor imperfections, like scratches or dents, you’ll save more. Before buying a device from a third-party reseller, ensure it’s compatible with your carrier and isn’t broken, stolen, or still under contract. Look for websites like PTA that perform a serial number, or ESN, check on phones. You may use the PTA application or send IMEI to 8484 for PTA tax-paid verification. You may check your service and support warranty status on the Apple website in the coverage area.

Used technology marketplaces tend to get an influx of old iPhones around new releases, which drives prices down.

7. Sell or trade in your old phone in Pakistan

If you don’t need your previous device as a backup, sell it or trade it in. You might end up with a handsome in cash, free gifts, or credit that you can apply toward a new iPhone. You’ll typically get more money for selling a phone rather than trading it, but it may be more of a hassle.

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